Welcome to Colouring the Conversation:
A Peer Support Group

Colouring the Conversation is a culturally safe, trauma-informed space for racialized folks to discuss the complex, intersecting identities of being racialized and having lived and/or living experiences of disordered eating, body image, and/or self-esteem concerns. This group is anyone 18 to 29 who identifies as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour. Anyone who has an eating disorder or is concerned about their relationship with food, body, and/or exercise is welcome to join the conversation.

We will be meeting 7pm Eastern Time on July 10th and August 14th.
Register once, join one or both.

This drop-in group is a casual space to connect with others. Discussions are facilitated by two of our Peer Mentors who have experience with eating disorder recovery, have completed our training, and are part of the BIPOC community. Participate in whatever way you feel comfortable - use the chat, use your mic, or turn your camera on - it’s up to you.

Please note: This group is not a form of crisis support. If during the group you are in need of crisis support, one of our facilitators will help you access the appropriate supports.

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If you have any questions about this group, please reach out to chloe.gao@eatingdisordersns.ca

This group is for BIPOC folks 17-29 who live in Canada.
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